Meet Helen

Hi Everyone – This is Me, Helen and I would like to introduce myself.

Hiya I’m Helen and I’m the teacher

I am the teacher of “Helen’s Art Class” – I know the clue is in the title, but I believe in keeping things simple. I grew up with a pencil in my hand and my childhood memories are filled with sitting around the dinning room table with my sisters, with pots of water, loads of paper and much paint, churning out masterpieces (Mum said they were brilliant and she never lied) and I’ve been painting ever since. I have had several solo exhibitions and have sold work both here and abroad. I work mainly in Acrylics or Oils and often combine the two. I’ve currently ventured into Portraits which is a bit of a challenge, especially as it requires me to use my brain, but I am enjoying it. That’s about it really apart from my teaching which I really love, mostly because my classes are quite relaxed and fun and full of wonderfully nice people – and sometimes we have cake.

Thought you may like to see some of my favourite work.



"My Memories"

“My Memories”

"My Wisteria"

“My Wisteria”